I was born, raised and schooled in the notoriously rainy (but lively) Manchester, England. In 1977, the school I attended (Parrs Wood High School) became a very early adopter of computer technology and that is where I developed my fascination for coding and logic (yes, I was definitely a bit Geeky!). Incidentally, the logic was to serve me well years later when I was to study philosophy in Wellington. Two notable contemporary computer gaming luminaries of this period were Martin Galway and Chris Roberts - each now having entries on wikipedia for their gaming exploits.  At aged 12, I was writing in Basic and 6502 assembler on the Commodore Pet. Around this time, I built an Acorn Atom from a kit and became one of the first people in the school to have a home computer prior to the BBC/Spectrum Micro explosion in the early 1980’s.

Leaving school with a clutch of ‘O' and ''A levels (I had a penchant for maths and science subjects) I studied Computer Science at the University of Lancashire and later completed my Honours Degree in computer studies while working in Manchester.

At this time, I was a keen traveller and spend the summers travelling around Europe on budgets so small that I developed creative ways how not to spend money while travelling.

After a brief fling working in the public sector, I settled down to develop my career in the tender arms of British Gas. I was still programming at this time, in particular in COBOL (I sold my soul) and later in SQL.  

In 1997 I moved to the Midlands and that is where I met my lovely wife Roseann while working in Birmingham. In 1999 we got married at the beautiful Rowton Castle in Shropshire.


   Rowton Castle

Our honeymoon adventure was in South East Asia and culminated in travel around New Zealand. We fell in love with the place and not long after returning to England we started the long process of emigration to New Zealand. After the birth of our first child, Anastatia, we moved to NZ in 2001.

Coming to New Zealand was an opportunity to put in place some changes in my life that in hindsight were long overdue. At this time, I discovered my Christian faith. Also, with middle age fast approaching I realised that my future was to balance technology with people and so I studied philosophy at Victoria University of Wellington and in 2003 I embarked on my career as a Project Manager albeit with a technology focus.