Commuter Stories


There is something special about sharing a short journey twice a day with people you don’t know, but see every day. Over the 30 years that I have been travelling to my chosen place of work, I have nearly always chosen to travel using public transport, in particular trains. 

There have been several incidents on trains that I remember, that make me smile and I hope will make you smile too. Sometimes I share these stories with other commuters, when I sense that they are open to a little chit chat. Often they provide commuter stories of their own.

Because I love these stories so much I have decided to compile the stories into a collection on my web site. You can provide me with your stories too and if they are printable, I will post them with your name. By providing me with the stories you accept that they may get published on this site.

The stories are not limited to trains, busses, trams, planes could also work too. But there is something particularly special about train journeys that amuse me the most.