Entangled clothing

Who: Event witnessed by Michael Henderson

When: 2006.

Where: Porirua Station, Wellington, New Zealand

Train: Wellington to Paraparamu

I witnessed this event after a hard days work and it gave me a chuckle and cheered me up.

There were two lady passengers sitting next to each other a few rows in front and across the isle. Quite probably they hadn’t spoken to each other during their journey.

One of the ladies stood up to get off at Porirua station and it was at this point she realised that somehow her clothing had become entangled with the other ladies clothing.  I am not sure exactly how this happened, but it was like the hook on a button on her cardigan had fastened onto the threads of the second ladies clothes and had become stuck.

The second lady had no intention to get off with her to sort it out.

There was a few seconds of anxious effort to disentangle the clothing while other passengers were disembarking at the station. Clearly, the cardigan owner was keen to get off at this station, rather than carry onto the next stop. With all of the disembarking passengers now off the train and the doors about to close she quickly took off the cardigan and in desperation said something to the effect of “You can keep the bloody thing!”, and jumped out before the doors closed.

Seconds later the lady now holding the cardigan had separated the two items and rushed to the doors to pass the cardigan out - but too late! The doors had just closed and the train had started. Some words were said through the closed doors.

Lady two, then proceeded to return to her seat, opened the narrow horizontal window, and unceremoniously forced the cardigan through it and shouted “Here is your bloody cardigan", or words to that effect. By this time, the train had nearly cleared the platform.